The Haraszthy Winery is much more than grapes and wine: recreation, varied programmes, unforgettable experiences, a unique gastronomic world, freedom, friendship and love.



The winery was founded in 1996 in Etyek, on Öreghegy, by Carlos Coelho, who was born in Argentina but is also at home in California and Hungary. The namesake is Ágoston Haraszthy, the father of California viticulture, who set an example by successfully combining traditional values with a modern approach. Over the past two and a half decades, we have been making and are still making our characterful wines with this value system in mind, under the leadership of our winemaker, Dániel Pázmányi.



Currently, we farm 123 hectares, making Haraszthy Winery the second largest player in the Etyek-Buda wine region. Nearly 10% of our land is located in the immediate vicinity of our winery on the Öreghegy in Etyek. From here we harvest our vineyard selected wines called Öreghegy and the base wine of our premium sparkling wine. The rest of our vineyards are located in Vál, where we work mostly with newly planted vines. It is also home to the Statue of Love, the inspiration for our LOVE series.

Vale has a particularly important place in the life of our winery: our aim is to restore our vineyards with constant care and work: replacing missing vines, replanting old areas and creating new plantations, with a focus on sustainable development.

In addition to the traditional Hungarian varieties found in Etyek, we also work on the local perfection of the main Burgundian grape varieties of Etyek. The grape varieties we deal with are mostly Irsai Olivér, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and pinot noir, but we also use grape varieties such as gray friend, king’s daughter and zenit for blends.

The world of Haraszthy

The world of Haraszthy

We believe that the way to make unique, characterful wines is to blend modern technology with traditional methods.

We work with a modern and gentle processing method, with a selection phase before the grapes are picked, and then, after pressing, our wines are fermented using controlled technology. We use only casein-free processing agents in the winemaking process.

In 2022, we will have produced 535,000 bottles of wine, and we have tried to create a range of exciting and unique wines for all to taste.

The members of the LOVE and ETYEK wine family are all made in a reductive way. Light but well-structured wines. They all share a freshness, primary aromatic richness and liveliness.

Our GASTRO LINE wines are sold specifically for restaurants, as they are perfect for pairing with a variety of dishes.

Our premium and Fantástico wines are made only from selected raw materials in outstanding vintages. They are usually ready for consumption at the age of 3 years.

Our range also includes wines from our sister wineries in Argentina and California.