The restaurant, which has been operating since 2006, was completely renewed in 2019, with a new bistro line that offers fine dining technologies in addition to the previous steakhouse line.
The restaurant, run by Haraszthy Winery in Etyek, is an excellent reflection of the owner’s multicultural ethos. Carlos Coelho, an Argentinian-born chef who is also at home in Hungary and California, and his international culinary team were delighted to redefine the concept of our restaurant, whereby we have set as our primary goal to offer our guests a perfect, even all-day experience at Haraszthy Winery!

The Matador restaurant has a unique architecture, seasonal ingredients and high quality cooking technology, with Brazilian-Portuguese Corporate Chef André Bicalho and Matador’s Chef Diego Bautista leading the way to create dishes that will leave a lasting impression.

André Bicalho has travelled the world, working in many fields directly or closely related to gastronomy. His extensive experience in the international arena and the cuisines of different nations have inspired André’s passion for gastronomy. He has lived for about 13 years in various places in Europe: Spain, Portugal, England, Belgium, Germany, and completed a 6-month internship at the 2 Michelin-starred Villa René Lalique restaurant with Chef Jean-Georges Klein in the Alsace region of France.

He is passionate about experimenting with flavour combinations and then transforming them into unique food poems. Joy, creativity, innovation, the opportunity for constant learning and the gift of Mother Nature: a treasure trove of raw materials to inspire you every day you put on your chef’s apron.

After moving to Hungary, he made his name as the head chef of Baraka Budapest fine dining restaurant in Budapest and in 2020. joined the Haraszthy team in October as Corporate Chef of our restaurant.

Our Chef Diego Bautista, who has a rich cultural heritage blending Mexican and Californian influences, has been an invaluable member of our kitchen team at Matador restaurant since 2018.

Having been immersed in the hospitality industry from a young age, thanks to his parents’ restaurant ventures, Diego’s journey led him to pursue studies in tourism and hospitality, eventually honing his craft as a chef with purpose and determination. His culinary education took him across continents, from America to Europe, stopping on different countries during his journey. However it was his experiences onboard international cruises that truly shaped his expertise. Relocating to Hungary in 2015, driven by personal connections, Diego found his niche at Baraka Budapest. It was here that he not only refined his palate for perfect flavors but also delved into the intricate interplay of textures and colors.

Since then he has become a master of grilling, smoking and bbq techniques in Matador. Ont he other hand, he is most proud of the House’s own charcuterie, which were dreamed up together with the owner and are prepared every year by them.

Our restaurant aims to represent the diversity of cultures as a grill/steakhouse and fine bistro. We consistently incorporate smoky flavours into our dishes, always taking care to ensure that they are consistent and do not distract from our wines. The quality of the meat is the most important ingredient of the restaurant, and we use meat from all over the world to make sausages and cold cuts, as well as steaks. In addition, we place great emphasis on the use of local and seasonal ingredients.

In addition to wine connoisseurs and those with a more serious interest in gastronomy, we also welcome guests who are open to new gastronomic and culinary experiences, who would like to explore the new wave of international cuisine, either a la carte or with a unique wine dinner.

The restaurant’s wine selection is complemented – in addition to the Etyek wines – by red wines from our sister wineries in Argentina and California, which are excellent with our barbecue dishes.

Located in the heart of Etyek, the Matador restaurant perfectly captures the vibrant energy of the area with its Mediterranean ambience, elegant cellar, always bustling terrace and pool.